WHAT is OhMiaGabrielle?

Welcome to OhMiaGabrielle, my personal platform where I share: 

  • The realness of what it’s like to be 20 in 2020.

Through my lens, I write openly and honestly about what we face as new 20-somethings in this day and age. From curating our lives across social media pages and being a student at a “party” school, to pursuing far-fetched travel plans IRL, to the behind the scenes reality of personal image. 

  • Content for Inspiration: Interviews with big dreamers & entrepreneurs…

Why? To inspire you to take action on your most profound passion pursuits.

Because for those of us creatives, sometimes we get stuck in funks. Especially during this pandemic, we need a little kick of inspiration to get us moving again…

It might just help to hear someone else’s journey to success along with the trials and errors they faced in the process. I hope these interviews show you that through persistent actions, intuitive pursuit, and enjoyment of the process, you truly do have the power to make your dream happen.